Diptych and Tripdych

Here is my diptych and triptych but in the proper format. This semester I was unfortunately unable to get to the pictioralism as well as the extra credit because of other obligations I had to focus on. I would like to complete those in the future and there were some things looking back on theContinue reading “Diptych and Tripdych”

Natural Lights

For the natural light assignment I decided to incorporate this skill in my images over a few different shoots. I tried to focus on getting soft and even light on my subjects to create a more visually appealing image with more aesthetic appeal and less drama. One thing I wish I did was focus moreContinue reading “Natural Lights”

Course Evaluation

I really enjoyed this course and I felt that it bettered the way I go about taking photos and made me take more photos. One of the things I wish we focused on more was Lightroom, I wish we went a little more in depth and got to work through the same images together asContinue reading “Course Evaluation”

Night Photography

All these images were done in Huntington Beach around 7 pm with a street photography thought process behind them, so these are all strangers. This was my first real exposure to street photography and it took a little bit to warm up to the idea of shooting strangers without them knowing.

Photo Story

Cade working out in the gym (my garage) in the morning. These photos were very enjoyable to compose, I was having a very hard time trying to figure out what to do for this assignment where I could make a full story that was coherent and I could add some depth and drama to aContinue reading “Photo Story”


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