Diptych and Tripdych

Here is my diptych and triptych but in the proper format. This semester I was unfortunately unable to get to the pictioralism as well as the extra credit because of other obligations I had to focus on. I would like to complete those in the future and there were some things looking back on the shoots that I want to improve on such as showing my ability to use natural light in a more creative way, it just happened that when I went to shoot in natural light the conditions were very even and that harsh light through the window never came my way. I would like to try to execute that in the future though. I have a lot to learn and a lot to improve on moving forward. But I also feel that I have learned a lot about how I should be approaching composing a photo in this class.

Natural Lights

Zander at the bike jumps by our house near sunset
Zander at sunset at the bike jumps near our house

For the natural light assignment I decided to incorporate this skill in my images over a few different shoots. I tried to focus on getting soft and even light on my subjects to create a more visually appealing image with more aesthetic appeal and less drama. One thing I wish I did was focus more on using natural light in a dramatic way like through a window and using it to create more contrast in my image to really draw the eye to my subject but all the conditions I shot in resulted in a nice even natural light. So I used the clouds as a natural diffuser to show the more even natural light approach.

Environmental Portraits

For the environmental portraits I really wanted to focus on capturing someone in the element of something that they really enjoy. In this case it was my friend and his car. We got there a little after sunset so we had to use a lot of artificial light but I think it worked out well. I wanted to have an overarching shot to this which was the car because I wanted something that was a little more of a scene set because of how dim I knew the rest of the shots would be and how I would be focusing on lighting him more than having an ability to light the car. If I could do it again I would get there earlier and work the situation a little better to have a bit more detail in the car and ability to see what is going on, or I would have picked a sport.

Course Evaluation

I really enjoyed this course and I felt that it bettered the way I go about taking photos and made me take more photos. One of the things I wish we focused on more was Lightroom, I wish we went a little more in depth and got to work through the same images together as like a tutorial. I wish we also spent more time giving feedback on our particular photos and breaking them down more. I really enjoyed the idea of the blog though, I just didn’t get how to use it, but that’s on me. I also enjoyed all the subject matter that we went over and the projects that we got assigned. The one assignment I was frustrated with thought was the environmental portrait because I never got to meet with my partners to shoot and I feel a lot of its had to do with the fact that scheduling didn’t work out and such so I felt it was a hard one to accomplish. I really liked all the different things that this class taught me.

Color Photography

Night Photography

All these images were done in Huntington Beach around 7 pm with a street photography thought process behind them, so these are all strangers. This was my first real exposure to street photography and it took a little bit to warm up to the idea of shooting strangers without them knowing.

Photo Story

Cade working out in the gym (my garage) in the morning.

These photos were very enjoyable to compose, I was having a very hard time trying to figure out what to do for this assignment where I could make a full story that was coherent and I could add some depth and drama to a situation and maybe a little bit of mystery revolving around the scene. I chose working out and in the garage because I could experiment with artificial light and a more controlled environment with light to make more drama. This is what I came up with.

Be An Artist! Right Now!

Response to the Ted Talk Be an Artist! Right Now!

This video had a very interesting perspective on art. The reason for this being that most people think of artists as a select group of people in our society that hav been gifted a talent where they can perform some craft and influence their audiences in a way that the rest of society is incapable of doing. The perspective that the video sheds light on is that everyone is an artist and always was. The only difference is that some of us didn’t suppress our art as much as others and our longing for art is always there. Sure, there are people who are gifted in certain fields of art more than others where they have the ability to excel at a certain discipline, but that doesn’t mean that we all can’t be artists and crave the creation from it. Something that crossed my mind when watching this video was thinking back to what we have been taught about older civilizations and even communities like indigenous communities where so much of their community is based off art. For example, all the rituals within indigenous tribes are a form of art where the whole community participates in it. In our societies that are very westernized today, all we do is have a small group of people practice the art and then the rest of us simply spectate it which ignites that envy inside of us as the video described. We all long for some of art and we need to start accepting it as more of a part of not only education but daily life. Art needs to be encouraged, not suppressed in society, from a very young age. Art is what ignites our passions, people become passionate about something when they find the art within their discipline. The art within the persuasion of a lawyer, or the art of the precision of a surgeon. Art is what drives us as humans and connects us as people, so let’s start giving it some more encouragement.

Walnut Grove Park