Response to the Ted Talk Be an Artist! Right Now!

This video had a very interesting perspective on art. The reason for this being that most people think of artists as a select group of people in our society that hav been gifted a talent where they can perform some craft and influence their audiences in a way that the rest of society is incapable of doing. The perspective that the video sheds light on is that everyone is an artist and always was. The only difference is that some of us didn’t suppress our art as much as others and our longing for art is always there. Sure, there are people who are gifted in certain fields of art more than others where they have the ability to excel at a certain discipline, but that doesn’t mean that we all can’t be artists and crave the creation from it. Something that crossed my mind when watching this video was thinking back to what we have been taught about older civilizations and even communities like indigenous communities where so much of their community is based off art. For example, all the rituals within indigenous tribes are a form of art where the whole community participates in it. In our societies that are very westernized today, all we do is have a small group of people practice the art and then the rest of us simply spectate it which ignites that envy inside of us as the video described. We all long for some of art and we need to start accepting it as more of a part of not only education but daily life. Art needs to be encouraged, not suppressed in society, from a very young age. Art is what ignites our passions, people become passionate about something when they find the art within their discipline. The art within the persuasion of a lawyer, or the art of the precision of a surgeon. Art is what drives us as humans and connects us as people, so let’s start giving it some more encouragement.