The two movies/videos that were shared in class this week really were both able to inspire the creativeness in my photography. What I mean by that is that I want to go out and shoot impactful images. While these creatives share their photos and their perceptions of the impact of photography it makes me start to brainstorm compositions in my head that I can create in order to be a more impactful shooter. One thing that I really enjoyed was how a lot of the National Geographic photographers focused so much on those raw moments from around the world that really immerse the viewer into the culture that they are shooting in, and that is what makes an impactful image. It’s almost like a portal for the viewer to see the other side of the world and people completely different from them and get a glimpse into their life. The biggest comparison that I can draw is how one movie is confined to the inner workings of one city while the other video highlights photographers use of the whole world. But that deep dive on the one city allows for such a cool in depth analysis of one culture mixed with multiple cultures to make the city what it is where the other focuses more on the passions of the creative minds composing impactful images from around the world so the viewer gets less of a look at how versatile one location can be. They are both extremely impactful and inspiring pieces.

color corrected photo from the Rip Curl WSL Finals on September 14, 2021 at Lower Trestles in San Clemente

For this photo feature I decided to stick with the theme of capturing raw moments from events different times in life. This photo was taken right after Gabriel Medina became a World Surf League champion for the third time and he was getting his victory lap on the ski. I was super stoked to get to shoot this event and experience the emotion of the crowd and the athletes myself. I hope my image portrays some of that emotion.